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Provided Virtually and Onsite


Our passion and vision is to deliver the preeminent Hungarian English language services worldwide.  Services are available for local, national and international assignments for legal cases, conferences, conventions, healthcare matters, negotiations, retreats, entertainment and more.  Interpretation services are available nationwide. 


Simultaneous Interpretation happens when an interpreter translates from one language to another in real-time while a speaker is speaking.  Our experts ensure that the natural flow of the speaker is not disturbed, allowing for a smooth translation for listeners.  Foreign Interpreting provides simultaneous interpreting for court hearings, conferences, and meetings and can be provided in person, from a soundproof booth, or remotely using video technology. 


Consecutive interpretation services are provided in a conversation style, with interpretations provided after a speaker pauses.  This approach is typically used in environments that require questions and answers, such as trials, arbitration, depositions, healthcare related matters, negotiations, and trade shows.  Foreign Interpreting's interpreters are registered and highly qualified in offering Hungarian English interpreting services with a deep understanding of cultural nuances and idiosyncrasies.  


Translation assignments are provided for legal documents, transcripts, medical records, business contracts and much more.  Foreign Interpreting has developed a process to ensure every detail of your translation project is expertly managed to completion.  We work on long-term projects as well as those urgent matters when every day counts, and so does the quality of translation.  When you work with Foreign Interpreting, your translation projects are reviewed by court registered interpreters. 

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